ABS Contractor is a dynamic and ambitious company driven by highly motivated team players with solid experience in steel construction industry, international trade and manpower supply in most areas.

In more qualified way, we prepare technical documentation, provide support for every phase of the production process including organization, manage and control of manufacture, as well the safe delivery to our Customer.

We pay much attention on monitoring of steel construction market and are always in process of improving the quality of our service to meet our Customers’ needs. We cooperate only with reliable and time-proved partners in Baltic states. All this facts allows us to offer the best solution to our Clients!


The Vision of ABS Contractor strives to be a highly effective and fast-moving a world-class Project Management organization always having customer in focus, to be at the cutting edge of project realization applying international best practice combined with a deep knowledge of local Baltic market and specific conditions.

ABS Contractor strives to be a partner playing a key role in your success. “Your success is our success.”


Our Mission is to be a catalyst for growth and enrichment to our business partners and our employees by focusing on affordable and quality project management in steel construction manufacturing and manpower solutions. Project management and control we base on the method of triple project constants ensuring the implementation of project plans on schedule, within budget and within scope using the best professional possibilities of Baltic market definitely for the benefit of the Customer.

We strive to be always ahead of our customers’ needs to provide professional services of such high quality and value that every coming (every new) client become long-term partner. And in everything we do, we strive for honesty, fairness and integrity.



  • Competence – we always improve our knowledge and skills and provide our partners with the highest level of competence in achieving fully their interested purpose.
  • Result – we are focused on achieving the best results on every project, every initiative, for each customer.
  • Openness – we are open for new contacts, ideas and initiatives. We are willing to share with our customers and partners, our expertise, knowledge and experience.
  • Activity – we never stay still, we develop the business, and we are always looking for the best solutions.
  • Development – we aim to achieve more in our daily work. We are constantly improving our skills and services.
  • Teamwork – We create the greatest value when we work together in the interests of our customers. We take a ‘one company’ approach. We value diversity and gain strength from our blend of functions, nationalities and skills. We achieve success through teamwork, using our knowledge, experience, motivation and desire to achieve results. Our work is based on trust, commitment and professionalism of all the team members.
  • Efficiency – we do our best to create a comfortable environment for our partners to work with us, by efficiency of our work, efficient logistics and the availability of the actual information on time.
  • Safety and health – we create a safe and healthy working environment, in order to prevent occupational diseases.
  • Environmental friendliness – we cherish nature and strive for harmony with the environment, desiring to preserve it for future generations. We always strive to reduce our business’ impact on the environment and human health in order to improve economical and environmentally responsible business.
  • Responsibility – Reliable Partner – the image to which we aspire! We keep our word and meet our obligations, considering it a sine qua non of our business.
  • Legal Compliance – we operate  within the requirements of the LR legislation, maintaining high ethical standards wherever we do business.


  • Guidance: What we do, we do well
  • Responsibility: Reliable partner - the image to which we aspire. We keep our word and meet our obligations, considering it a sine qua non of our business.
  • Excellence: We act professionally. We set challenging goals, encouraging innovation and speed. We get it right first time. We share, learn and improve continuously.
  • Attentively: every client is special and important for us. We aim that individual approach to each customer support to find the best decision and feel more comfortable.
  • Truth: We believe that for good business requires trust. And, trust is earned through honest business. We serve our clients with compassion, honesty and integrity. We value thetrust of our clients that enables us to perform our services with excellence.

Our main goal is Customers’ satisfaction, that is why we always press toward to do Your Project better, faster, cheaper and in more modern way.