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We provide staff leasing services of skilled professionals and we offer search and selection processes for skilled employees, which aim to offer our customers the necessary specialists as soon and effectively as possible. Our database is made up of well qualified and experienced staff, from manufacturing to service staff as well as profiled professionals.

‘ABS Contractor’ as an employer – we sign employment contracts with selected employees, assign them to do work for you, arrange travel to the work place, pay them salaries, social and health insurance premiums, and adhere to the labor laws in effect. In turn, you carry out temporary staff supervision, you can organize and supervise their work and avoid the administration and payment of salaries.

‘ABS Contractor’ as a mediator - at the customer's request, we can customize the trial period, which allows you to test the employee. The employee initially becomes an ‘ABS Contractor’ employee who is temporarily assigned to work with you. If both sides are satisfied, you can simply and seamlessly employ a worker under a permanent employment contract within the organization. This enables you to very comfortably and calmly discover the new employee who can be recruited.

At the costumer’s request we can carry out specified testing of professionals – we can help you in organizing the required testing mechanisms, which would help to test for the necessary knowledge and skills. We can adapt an exact appraisal according to your organization's needs.

High grade specialists with shipyard and industrial experience available for your worldwide projects:

Certified Welders (TIG, MMA, MIG/MAG)


Pipe Fitters

Metal constructions collectors




Ship builders


Construction workers

Workers working in high areas

Fish factory workers
Laborers and others...

Working together with the client, we find the optimal business solution!

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